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  The creation of a new project involves some steps that vary depending on the project type. We will go over all steps here so you understand this process fully.

Step 1

Here you set some basic information about the project. You must choose the Project Type, give the project a name (a title), and describe your project clearly. You will get better results if you think of a title that represents what you want to get achieved by this project, and if you describe what you need very clearly. This will help Coders know if they are interested and capable of working on it, and make accurate bids. If you don't know which project type to choose, just follow these guidelines:

You want to hire someone among all Coders registered => place an Open Auction
You want to hire one of the Coders you already know => place a Private Auction
You want someone to work for you on a regular basis some hours a day => place a Salary project
You want to hire a particular Coder for this job => place a One on One Auction.
You want a Father Project to group many projects you will create afterwards under it => place a Mega Project

Mega Projects are a special kind of project. They are only used to group many projects under the same "umbrella", so you can manage them all together. Mega Projects don't get bids directly.

When you have done all this, just click on the Next button to go to the next step.

Step 2

In this step you set this information about the project:

  • If it is a standalone project or part of one of your existing and open mega projects.
  • until what day you want to get new bids posted for this project.
  • the number of days you will allow the Coder to work on this project (this is optional, leave it blank if you do not want to place a deadline for the project)
  • the project size (this will define the minimum amount accepted for posted bids. There is one exception, Projects under $100, that will also set a maximun limit.)
  • the maximum amount accepted in posted bids. This is optional, leave it blank if you do not want to place a limit.
  • platforms you need the project to work on (this is optional but will be of use to guide the Coders in placing their bids. An example of this would be "Linux, Apache, Mysql, Php", or "ASP.NET, Windows XP Server, IIS")
  • delivarables (what you want the coder to deliver as a result of his work. Please take time here and explain clearly to avoid problems later.)
  • if you want Coders to sign an NDA before they post a bid, you must upload the NDA text here.
  • additional file (if it is more than a file, zip all files into one) that might help Coders to place bids on the project
When you are done, you must press the Next button to get to the next screen.

Step 3

In this screen, you must mark all categories involved in the project. Marking the right categories will help you get to the right Coders for your project. Once you have marked all categories, press the Next button to get to the last screen.

Step 4

This is the confirmation page, where you see a summary of all the info you have entered to define the project. Most of this information cannot be changed later, so be sure everything is ok before pressing the submit button. You can go back and change anything that needs to be changed now, before submitting.

When you create a Mega Project, you don't see steps 2 and 3. Instead, you get a screen that lets you enter by which data all projects you will create into this Mega Project should be finished.

When you create a Private Auction, a One on One Project or a Private Salary Project, you get an extra screen before step 2. In this screen, you invite the Coders you want to be able to bid on this project. Remember that in Private projects, only invited coders can bid. You can select Coders from your preferred list or search the Coders database using a form. If you are creating a One on One project, you can only invite one Coder to bid on your project.