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  In this page you can browse all open projects that are not private.

There are three ways to browse projects:


This is a list of all open projects, that can be sorted by newest to oldest, closing date or number of bids.

For each project, you can see the project name, the number of bids that have been posted, the categories it is related to (suggested by the Buyer), the day bidding started and the day bidding ends. If you click on the project name, you are taken to the project page where you can see the project details.


This option lets you browse projects by category. If you click on a main category, you get the list of subcategories. Then if you click on a subcategory, you see all open projects related to that category. Some of the sub categories appear in below the main categories names, so you can click them to get directly to the subcategory listing.


This option lets you search for projects that match a given criteria. You can search for a given text to be present in the project name, or you can click on Advanced to see a form with more search alternatives. All projects that match the search criteria will be shown in a list.