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  If you plan to provide services in MyCoders, then you should register as a Coder.

You access the registration page by clicking on the Sign In ! graph in the right column. You will see a page with some explanation of how the system works, and buttons to register as a Buyer or a Coder. You click on the Register as a Coder button and you are taken to the registration page. There is also a link to this page in the Coders login form, that you access by clicking on the Coders top menu.

The registration form asks you for certain data that you must enter for your registration to be accepted. You can change this information later if it is necessary.

It is important that you enter a valid email address, and you remember which email address you are registered with, because you are going to use it every time you login to the system. And should you forget your password, then your email address will be required to send the password there. Besides, all notifications the system sends you, will be sent to this address. If your email address changes after registration, please change it by editing your profile.

The Screen Name is the name that will be used for you throughout the system. Please don't choose offensive names, as this will not help your working in the site and will also be noticed by MyCoders Administrators.

You can optionally subscribe here to get email alerts in your mailbox when certain events take place. You can also change your alerts subscription later in the Messages Page, Alerts tab, or in your Profile.

The registration form only asks you to enter basic information. We suggest that after you complete your registration, you login to the system and visit the Coders - Profile page. There you will see there is a lot more information you can enter about yourself that will help you get better jobs in the site.