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  This page shows all the bids you have posted. Bids are grouped by their current status:

  • Open: no Coder has been chosen for this project yet.
  • Won (and working on it!): this bid has been chosen for the project, and you are currently working on it. It means the work has not been finished and accepted by the Buyer yet.
  • Won and finished: this is a project you won and have finished working on. Your history of winning bids.
  • Lost: all the bids you posted that were not chosen by Buyers.
  • All: all bids you have posted, no matter which is their current status.
For each bid, you see the project it is related to, the date it was posted, the bid text, the bid amount and the accepted amount. The accepted amount can differ from the bid amount if the buyer chose a Private Message related to the bid instead of the bid itself.