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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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At MyCoders, we understand the importance of acknowledging individuals for their contributions and accomplishments. Well-deserved recognition is highly motivating and empowering for our buyers and coders; and is a simple way for us to say thank you.
We want both buyers and coders to know that their efforts are noticed and valued, so we have designed various formats for delivering that message.
Recognition comes in many forms

We deliver praise for a job well done in many meaningful ways. Recognition may take the form of a simple e-mail note or a headline in business journal. Our recognition runs the gamut, including:
  • Spotlight mention on the MyCoders Web site
  • Write-ups in press releases and news articles
  • Titles of Coder of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and more!
  • The privilege of linking to the MyCoders Web site
  • License to use the MyCoders logo in marketing materials

Recognition, in tandem with the many tangible rewards offered by MyCoders, is our way of expressing appreciation for a job well done and encouraging coders and buyers to reach for even greater heights in the future.

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