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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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MyCoders is a brand new state-of-the-art freelance marketplace that literally reaches around the globe, matching those who need a project completed with proven, highly qualified service vendors.

More than that, MyCoders is in the business of recognizing and rewarding top talent and top buyers for their performance

With MyCoders, coders find:

  • Increased job security and the independence of freelancing
  • A solid method for building their reputation and customer base
  • Countless jobs for showcasing their skills
  • Ranking and recognition that sets them apart in their field

With MyCoders, buyers:

  • Have access to a global workforce
  • Find talent that is perfectly matched to their particular project
  • Complete projects quickly and easily, for a fair price
  • Compete for ranking and recognition for performance as a Buyer
A new business model
MyCoders provides a unique opportunity for both buyers and coders to have the advantage of a new, business model, built on time proven principles. The model combines the concept of outsourcing, recognized as a necessity in today's business world, with the entertainment world style of ranking top talent. The result is a model that benefits both buyers and coders, a model that yields the most advanced and literally the very best projects in the world.

MyCoders puts the model into practice
MyCoders was built by freelancers, for freelancers and it continues to outsource work, providing opportunities for business growth and leadership to individuals as consultants and directors in various regions of the world. Recognition and rewards are a daily practice at MyCoders, with both coders and buyers finding countless ways to excel and strengthen their reputations and positions.
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